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Registered VBA Inspectors

Specialising in helping home/property owners navigate pool & spa fences legislation.

Make sure you comply.

Safety First

Since 2000, 27 young children have drowned in private swimming pools and spas.

In at least 20 of those cases, the non-compliance of the safety barrier was a contributing factor.

Flexible appointments

Local Areas

Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, East Melbourne, West Melbourne and surrounding areas.

VBA Registered

Our inspectors are registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to inspect any swimming pool or spa regardless of age and are here to provide peace of mind that your swimming pool or spa safety barrier is safe and compliant.

Matt Welsh demonstrates how to check your pool and spa barrier for the most common non compliance faults. For a more comprehensive check, please visit

About SPCI

Our staff are all very knowledgeable in all versions of Australian Standard 1926, Building Codes and regulatory requirements associated with swimming pool and spa barrier safety and are available to discuss your concerns prior to your inspection booking helping to provide a smooth process from booking an inspection all the way through to lodging a certificate of compliance with your local council. SPCI wants you to be armed with the tools to ensure that your pool is compliant at the time of inspection.

All swimming pools and spas

must have a compliant safety barrier (fence) to restrict access to the swimming pool or spa area by young children.


Here’s what we are asked frequently.

When do swimming pools and spas have to be registered?

Property owners must register the swimming pool or spa with their relevant Council prior to the 1st of November 2020.

What happens after registration?

Once registered with your council they will undertake an assessment and provide you with a written notice confirming the applicable barrier standard.

When do swimming pools and spa barriers have to be inspected?

Inspection and certification timeframes will depend on the construction date council has nominated.

Does the $450.00 + GST inspection fee include multiple inspections?


If our inspection is not approved will we incur additional fees?


Should we undertake a self-assessment using the checklists provided?


What happens if I don’t register my pool or spa?

If you do not register your pool or spa with your local Council within the required period you may face an on-the-spot fine of approximately $330 or a penalty of up to $1,652.20.

If the council becomes aware of the pool or spa on your property, they will send you a written notice requiring you to register the pool or spa.

You will also be required to pay the registration fee and information search fee (if applicable).

We don’t have any children and our backyard is secure.

Do we have to register our pool and obtain a certificate of barrier compliance?

Yes. It is mandatory for all land owners in Victoria to apply to register any pool or spa on their property. Of the 27 drownings that have occurred in Victoria since 2000, 12 involved children who were not residents of the property.

In one case, the child had entered the pool area without the knowledge of the property owner.